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Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Sat Aug 17, 2013 12:51 pm

Links (to be activated when ready): Zeus -- web site for this application UNSC -- Halo reference headquarters INCY -- Incyclopedia Halo file manager BDCN -- web site

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:07 am

1. I am no longer using for the Blam! Developer Communities Network (BDCN). If you want to get to the BDCN web site, use the URL .
2. The BDCN web site will be available again once it is ready for use. I'll let you know at the time it is available that it is available.
3. The URL will take you to the appropriate Halo Demo area of the BDCN web site. The contents of the HDM wiki pages will be used in the reference section of the BDCN web site, but the actual HDM wiki is retired.
4. The BDCN web site will have several main areas, including Reference Pages which form collected research about several topics in the areas of the Blam! game engine and Halo file formats and modding those files, and also including the Incyclopedia (INCY) which is essentially a file sharing area that is integrated into Zeus.
5. Finally, this web site can be referred to in several ways: The Blam! Developer Communities Network (BDCN) [which is the actual name of the network], Halo Galaxy Verge (HGV) [which is the location of the web site], or Halo Demo Mods (HDM) -- the older web site was the "HDM wiki" -- [which now refers specifically to the Halo Demo areas of the network and web site]. So you can call it "BDCN", "HGV" or "HDM". "BDCN" means the community network overall, "HGV" means the web site, and "HDM" is specifically the Halo Demo portion of the network. So you could say, "HDM is a part of the BDCN found at HGV." So when you refer to the network and its community members and projects, that's the BDCN. When you refer to the web site, that's HGV. And when you refer to projects or areas of the BDCN web site (HGV) that deal with Halo Demo, that's HDM. That's the extended clarification of how these things relate.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:22 am

I removed some menu items and updated Zeus to include basic support for the INCY. Additional features will be included soon.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by sparksplugs » Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:10 pm

INCY demo passwords:


Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:43 am

BDCN did not get legal confirmation (nor was there conformation) from Microsoft about anything, although modding Halo does not need legal confirmation or conformation, and selling anything as shareware was never the idea.

I honestly want nothing to do with Microsoft. I would rather keep this an activity confined to the Halo communities and not dealing at all with Microsoft. That does not mean that BDCN will refuse or cease any plans dealing with Microsoft. That means that the business plan can stand alone between BDCN and the community members who develop resources, tags, maps and projects for Halo. The donations to support those projects still go to team members, but instead of Microsoft taking a cut of that, since the source code to Halo is not involved, it would only be BDCN taking a cut of the donations to support the site. I would say something like 10% of the donations would go to support the site, and 90% would go to the individual or team to whom it was being donated money to support their Halo mod development or whatever.

BDCN could also sell a one-time web site access "ticket" which gives you access to the site and its resources, like the INCY and Zeus and whatever. So instead of buying a license for whatever software, you can think of it as like $5 to use the site, the INCY, Zeus, and whatever else I would bundle with it. That would go 100% to support the server hosting costs and business expenses. It would be legal because it would not be making money "off of Halo" or any Microsoft products, but rather, donations would go to fellow community members and also help a little to support the hosting costs, and the web site access fee would be a one-time thing to also support the web site hosting costs. It's just as legal as making a topical blog and some complementary software and charging for people to access it --- it doesn't even matter what the blog is about or what the software does. In this case, the BDCN has server hosting costs and a simple business cost and I would rather it be self-sustainable in this regard. Some web sites spam advertisements on their pages (which is lame because of nice donationware like AdBlock), but ads are not an option for my purposes. I figure, if the communities that use the BDCN want it to continue, then they should support it if they want to use it. It would not even be buying software, it would be buying the ability to use the site (some people call this a subscription fee) for like $5 so that I can pay the hosting company without digging into my otherwise leaking pocket.

I would like to be able to have a nice dedicated server for us to use, but that is far more expensive than the current $180 per year and would only be reasonable through this approach of having the community members support each other and also directly support the web site. Since individuals are working together apart from a business -- and the community members are not being paid by the BDCN or hired or subcontracted by the BDCN to mod -- then the money that goes to the community members and modding teams can only be called donations. But since the BDCN is intended to operate as an LLC, it must sell something or otherwise claim gained revenue as something besides donations. So it would sell access to the web site, where you would pay one time and be able to use the site and all its related features and whatnot henceforth, and it would also take an "operating" percentage from the donations given to the community members in the form of 10% of the donation.

Say you like the mod Crossing and want to see another version of it or want to say how much you enjoy playing that particular mod by sending Moxus some money, maybe even encourage him to do another mod like it or to extend it somehow. You would do this through the BDCN web site, BDCN would take off 10%, and the remaining 90% would get mailed to Moxus as a check, or if he specifies that he prefers receiving donations via PayPal, then he would receive the 90% via PayPal. This is completely legit; you are not paying for the mod, but donating money to a friend for the work he does, whatever it may be (in this case, it's modding).

These donations come from the player and modder communities; anyone can play the mod, and fellow modders can work together on mods. If you donated money to CMT, for example, 90% of your donation would be split among all the team members in CMT. However, if you donate to a particular mod or project, then only the team members who are recorded as publishing that project get a percentage. In the INCY, it records the individuals who worked on a project and keeps track of these details once the files are added to the INCY. In any case, you get to specify exactly who receives a percentage of money that you want to donate to them.

Aside from donations, BDCN might need to charge a one-time registration fee for using the web site. So you can consider it an investment; if you pay $5 to use the site, you can use it for your projects and maybe make a lot more in donations if people like your mods or whatever. Just realize that everything there is free otherwise; the BDCN cannot charge for using the content of its members or using anything that is directly the IP of Bungie, MacSoft, Microsoft, 343 Industries, or whomever else. There are no contracts and no warranties, just the premise of bringing together the Halo Communities more than they are presently. And this is what I've had envisioned for many years now: to unify the Halo Communities, MGM,, Halo Nation, people over at 343i, and whomever else is interested in Halo, modding it, or developing content for it.

Bungie tried something similar to this, but ended up shutting down its Halo-game-statistics-recording server, and I can say with certainty that Microsoft has no interest in doing something like this, nor would they be able to do it. These businesses are trying to reach out to the Halo communities but lack the vision or logistics to do what only the Halo communities can do.

And I speak as a member of each of these communities. It is up to us, we must do this. Use the Blam! Developer Communities Network.

No more MediaFire or FileFront or DropBox or FileDropper file hosting. No more unsuitable and buggy MediaWiki software for presenting libraries of Halo content. Host your resources, tags, mods, maps, and projects at BDCN.
No more scouring your maps or projects or for tags and assets. Use the well-suited Incyclopedia to publish and find any community work.
No more questions like, "how do you import sound tags" or "how do you mod" or anything like that, where you have to know what something does in Eschaton or have to know how to avoid errors in Tool or the HEK programs. Use Zeus instead.
No more scouring the internet for answers to Halo-related questions. No more separate web site forums where each sect of Halo community is working in isolation and barely or never helping each other or working on the same project anymore. The BDCN will be a unification of all the Halo Communities, everyone sharing information, resources, tags, maps, projects, tools, and other things related to Halo.

The unique features and set up of the BDCN means it is the best future for Halo-related web sites and their communities. It is the Blam! Developer Communities Network, a network of Halo communities. It is something that we, the members of these Halo communities, must do for ourselves.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Excend » Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:39 am

This thread is a bombshell of tl;dr, so sorry if I missed something important, but did I get it right that BDCN actually got legal conformation from Microsoft to mod Halo and then even sell it (shareware)?

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:58 pm

Back working on the BDCN site.
The INCY will be be restricted in access to those who know the password. This is to limit access to those in the community. When you use Zeus, you will be able to specify the INCY password in Zeus' preferences window, which will allow you to access the INCY.

Again, the INCY is a collection of resources, tags, maps and projects used and shared by the Blam! Developer Communities, including members of and, for example.

Those who use the web site will be given the password. But those who do not use it will be denied access. It's as simple as that.

Why limit access with a password? This requirement will make access more private and lighten the burden on the server. For example, each time you load a forum like MGM, you query the server for information. Since the INCY will include a large amount of information displayed all at once, we cannot have bots or anonymous users using bandwidth and server resources to such an extent.

You will be able to search the INCY and streamline your queries so that you get only the kind of information you desire. You can search and limit results to specific types of items, such as filtering your search results to display only tag files. By default, all the files in the INCY are displayed, which will result in quite a large page size. But information for each entry is limited to text, not images like the HDM Mod Database included. Information stored in each INCY entry includes what was mentioned in the previous post: the file name, the project name, the user who uploaded that file, the team name, the type of file it is, the description of the file, the time it was added, and the time it was most recently modified. You will be able to alphabetically sort the display of most of this information, or revise your search results.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:08 pm

Continuing to work on the BDCN site.

I am using a custom set up for the INCY Online. I finished the database set up.
The Incyclopedia will be usable from the internet; Zeus will just auto-populate the site as a front-end for convenience, so you don't have to open your browser to the INCY. So there is no special esoteric functionality with Zeus except saving you time in downloading and uploading files.

The INCY works like this: The main page, here ( is where you will eventually see the whole list of files in a much fancier way than the HDM Mod Database had it. It will query the MySQL database to retrieve the information about each file:

File ID -- tells you the title of the file, the URL link to download it, and its file size
Project ID -- tells you the title of the project, the URL link to the project page (typically<something>), the date when the project was started, its date of most recent modification, the managing user, its original team, and associated files
User ID -- tells you the user's name, which teams they are in, which projects they are working on, which files they uploaded, and who their friends are
Team ID -- tells you the name of the team, the URL link to their web page, which members are in the team, and which projects the team is working on
File type ID -- tells you which of these file types is included in the download: Resources, Tags, Maps, and Projects
Description ID -- tells you the description of the file
Time Added -- tells you when the file was originally added to the INCY
Time Modified -- tells you when the INCY record's information was last modified

Some of this information would logically match up, such as the managing user of the file having that file ID in their user information, whereas other information can be variable over time, such as a project changing hands between different teams.

I'm using the basics of the old online version of Zeus to work with the file interpretation, so when you upload a file, depending upon the understood file type, it will be able to automatically record information about it, such as how many tags are in the map file. I didn't set anything up yet to record that information apart from the file itself, but that would be handy for displaying and sorting in tables. For example, you would then be able to sort the map files in the INCY based upon how many tags they had, or filter the list based upon the existence of a particular tag name. So like you could search the INCY for all occurrences of "CMT" and be presented with resources (like .obj models), tags, maps, and projects that contain somewhere in them the letters "CMT" in the tag name. So it's like that.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:41 pm

I added the Projects area for community projects, such as collaborative and team-developed modding projects, assets like model or level design, tag development, and novel writing for content like story lines.

This uses the FlySpray engine for development bug tracking and group collaboration. You can use this area of the BDCN for any mods you have planned, any Halo stories or fan fiction you'd like to share, and anything related to Halo that can be considered in some sort of development stage and sharable.

Once you register, just ask me and I'll add your project and set you up so you can manage it. You can ask via PM here or in an e-mail to Just say "I'd like a project called so and so" and I'll try to set it up for you that day.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:27 pm

E-mail to
Dear Halo Community Friends,

I am shutting down now and putting all the substantial information on a different web site, The MediaWiki software was not suitable for the way we were using it, and was too much of a burden on the server. The information will be translated from the HDM wiki onto the BDCN site in a way more useful to our purposes.

This means that HDemoLauncher will no longer be able to access mods from the HDM Mod Database page through the "Download" menu and that the HDM Mod Database page will have its Halo Demo mods presented differently. The domain "" will no longer bring you to a MediaWiki software web site, but will redirect to the Halo Demo area of the web site. has been an extensive project to integrate and unify all the Halo development communities, including everyone who has contributed to the content of the game. So far, the web site has held nothing in it except the details of its plan, which I have shared with a few Halo community leaders including Dennis from, Monoman from, the wiki folks at HaloNation and others. When I discussed the plans for the BDCN, I was always met with doubts about what I had planned; despite my assuring and logical explanations, these community leaders did not decide to participate or involve themselves with my vision. Therefore, I had to keep the vision by reflecting upon my own experiences of how the Halo communities grew and pursue the development of complementary projects like Zeus, realizing that the community members were the ones who determined whether things were useful to them, and those same members would support my labors and vision after they had been developed.

So I am working on three major projects now: the Blam! Developer Communities Network (BDCN), Zeus, and the INCY Online. The BDCN is a web site to bring together ALL the Halo communities so that we might work with each other. The BDCN will be a business. Zeus is an application built for OS X 10.6 that is intended to be a singular tool to replace the Halo Editing Kit developed by Gearbox Software. The Incyclopedia Online (INCY Online) is essentially a Halo map/mod/project and asset database integrated into the BDCN web site and Zeus.

This Spring, I started developing Zeus in earnest. Now is the time to do something with BDCN's web site. The INCY Online will be the main feature of files as the HDM Mod Database was to the wiki.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you in the future at the Blam! Developer Communities Network.

You can see what is going on with the BDCN by visiting that web site: . I am shutting down the HDM wiki now and spending some time moving the substantial content to the BDCN web site.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by rEsTnPeAcEz » Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:14 pm won't move to BlamDevComNet website?

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Sparky » Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:51 am

I'm shutting down in a few days. Data will be backed up for posterity; the wiki will be locked. Significant information will be included in the BlamDevComNet web site.

BlamDevComNet is moving forward with the continued development of Zeus and the INCY Online which will be accessible through Zeus.

Say your farewells to the HDM wiki.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by TaxiService » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:32 am

Oh lord, sparky. Try not to do anything stupid. ·⁔· If you have to leave everything try to travel to another country that can give you more possibilities for survival. Like, somewhere where there are plenty of jobs so that you can pay some rent and live normally. Maybe australia or canada? I don't know? Maybe you could sell everything you've got and try to live somewhere else? Dude i dunno what to say. Just good luck and keep surviving, dude. I know that society kinda sucks, but what can you do. Money is, sadly, a necessary thing you'll have to deal with if you want to have a, for lack of a better word, "decent" life. By decent i mean that if you want to have some commodities such as an internet access and a computer, you'll need to pay those thingsss so blurgh
Anyway i wish you the best of luck. If you somehow end up in the state i'm in (i am not sure where on this planet i'll be in the future. either australia or the UK) send me an email or attempt calling me! I might be able to pick you up and let you stay at my place a little, assuming i won't end up being a hobo as well.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by nil » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:10 pm

I personally don't care much if you release the full version maps, although I don't think I'm going to bundle them with MD or integrate them in the database.

Best luck, Sparky. Hopefully you'll be able to find something new and meaningful to continue with your life. Don't be consumed by money, but don't reject it either.. If you want to help society, you may have to accept it yourself. Try to find a job and make sure you talk to people, find friends, and talk to them. At this point of my life, I feel like I don't want to receive money for the work I put into my projects (I even have a project that is more used than MD, but I won't state it here) - but, I know that kind of life is not going to last me long, especially when I get out of school. I hope to see you find something and one day, come back to say hello.

Re: Blam! Developer Communities Network

by Mgalekgolo » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:19 pm

Sounds good, you should get nil to sign of on this so we can all play some full maps.

Good luck on any future endeavors you wish to embark upon.