A NEW Halo Campaign: Send Microsoft e-mails to renew license

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Re: A NEW Halo Campaign: Send Microsoft e-mails to renew lic

by Sparky » Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:11 pm

I think we'll have to take a different slant on things. I'm trying to keep appraised of the situation so that I can report back here with more information. But all contact with Microsoft regarding the licensing of the Halo franchise would need to go through 343 Industries who can be contacted through the following information:

http://halo.xbox.com/Forums/yaf_postsm5 ... h-343.aspx

This e-mail message campaign is of course not appropriate for a forum setting so I'm going to wait a while to hear back from MacSoft and try to get in touch with those 343 Industries folks about this situation.

A NEW Halo Campaign: Send Microsoft e-mails to renew license

by Sparky » Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:16 am

As you read in a recent topic, my correspondence with MacSoft informed me that the only reason why the Mac versions of Halo are dying is because, despite their best efforts, MacSoft has been unable to get a reply from Microsoft so that they will renew MacSoft's license to develop and publish Halo for Mac.

What we need to do is contact Microsoft and directly convey our support for the continuation of Halo for Mac. In order to assist with this necessity, I am providing some sample e-mails that you can send. Choose one or make your own variation of it, and send it off to Microsoft support; you can use any of the three "general inquiries" links found here: http://support.microsoft.com/contactus . Edit: The company responsible for all Halo franchise licensing is now Microsoft's 343 Industries division.

If we do not do this, Microsoft will simply continue to brush off MacSoft and the rest of us will suffer for it. Halo modding will die out and all the great ideas we've had for this game will never come to any great fruition. Without a license renewal from Microsoft for MacSoft to continue publishing Halo / Halo Demo, and because the game is losing compatibility each day despite the constant influx of new players each day on the Halo Demo Gamespy Multiplayer Servers, we at MGM will become the "Last of the Mohicans" of Halo Modders. Basically, like we've all known for quite some time now, MGM will lose a vital number of members quite soon if we continue on the current path with this game. But if we can convey to Microsoft that there is still a great demand for this Mac version, then basically all our dreams for this game will come true. Heck, maybe we can even convince BioWare or some other company to buy the Halo 1 IP rights so we don't have to bother with this Microsoft nonsense anymore!

So use one of these or write your own and let's show Microsoft that MacSoft really deserves to have their license for Halo renewed:
Dear Microsoft,
I have enjoyed playing Halo for Mac for many years. Recently, I read that the licensing has stopped for that game and it can no longer be purchased. I don't know why Microsoft would discontinue licensing what is probably the most popular game to ever be sold, and I think it would be great if MacSoft would continue to sell and develop Halo: Combat Evolved for Mac. Many hundreds if not thousands of dedicated fans, new and old, agree that Halo for Mac should really be continued to be sold, and so I humbly request that you come to terms with MacSoft so that the many dedicated communities of Halo enthusiasts will be allowed to survive.
Thank you for your attention to this concern.
To Whom It May Concern:
My friends and I would like to buy the full version of Halo: Combat Evolved (Mac) but we are unable to do so. It seems like the game is no longer being sold, and I was unable to get any help with this when contacting Bungie or the company that has been selling this, MacSoft. We would appreciate some help with this, because we've been really big fans of the demo (Halo Demo for Mac) and so now we want to buy the game but cannot. We have Intel computers and can't use the older boxed version that is for PowerPC systems, and now the demo no longer works for us, so we're really at a complete loss here. Please let me know where we can purchase this game, because we're really starting to lose faith in Microsoft, Bungie and everyone else involved! Anyway, my friends and I don't want to see this game die because we really like it.
Hello! I'm trying to buy the game Halo: Combat Evolved. I wonder if you can assist me, since when I was looking on the internet, I couldn't find anybody who sells it. I need to use the Universal Binary for Mac, but MacSoft no longer has licensing rights, I read, so please let me know where I can get this game for my Intel computer. Is there another company besides MacSoft, or maybe can Microsoft sell me a copy of the Halo Universal Binary for Mac? I want to pay someone for this game already, and Microsoft has the copyrights because that's what it says in the Halo Demo EULA readme file, so that means I can buy the game from Microsoft, right? But I need an intel mac version, please. Thanks for your help with my dilemma!
Hi, and thanks in advance for your help. I'm looking to purchase the game Halo: Combat Evolved for Macintosh. I understand there is a PowerPC version but that the Intel version (a universal binary format) is no longer available from MacSoft because the license expired or something like that. I don't understand why that's the case, I thought this game was huge... but anyway, I need an intel version which I suppose means I'm looking for the Halo: Combat Evolved Universal Binary version for Mac. Please help, because I can't seem to pay anyone for this game anymore, and it's really frustrating when I ask Microsoft and Bungie and MacSoft and Gearbox and these people on all these Halo Mac fan forums for help and nobody can give me any real info about how to buy this game!
I'm looking to buy the mac version of Halo. Microsoft is not licensing it to MacSoft anymore -- which is what I read online -- so I wonder if Microsoft has other plans for continuing this game that so many of my friends and I still play. My friends and I need the intel version. Thanks for your help, but realize I'm really annoyed because I've been asking people a whole lot where to find it and I can't find anyone who will take my money and give me a copy! And also, this is the only game my friends and I want to play, so it's kind of a let down that after playing Halo Demo for Mac for so many years and also Halo Full when we had PowerPC macs, we can't buy the full version now for Intel Mac, know what I mean? We're kind of crazy fans of the Halo series and we really want to play multiplayer games on our intel macs now, so we wonder where to buy the intel mac version of Halo. Thanks so much for your help; we don't know where else to turn now, Microsoft is really the last person we're gonna contact about this before we just leave the Halo games in disgust if it comes to that. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated because we simply don't know what to do!
I want to buy Halo for Mac, but I need the Universal Binary version which is no longer available from MacSoft. Microsoft holds the licensing rights to Halo, so tell me where I'm supposed to buy Halo for Intel Mac, please.
I can't find where to buy Halo for Mac. The PC version is sold on the MS website for $20, but I don't see where I can buy the mac version. Amazon has the original mac ppc version for over $100, but that doesn't work for my computer system because I have an intel mac, not a powerpc mac. MacSoft doesn't have the license to sell their UB version which would work on my computer, so can I buy Halo UB for Mac from Microsoft now?
Is microsoft selling Halo for Mac, because when I checked with MacSoft/Destineer, they said they can't help me, so I'm asking Microsoft since you guys hold the IP rights to this game, right? I need a mac version that works with my Mac OS 10.7 Lion (intel) computer. My friends need a copy too, so we're asking if Microsoft sells it or where we can go to buy Halo: Combat Evolved that works on Intel Mac now.
Dear Microsoft,
I want to buy the mac version of Halo. I don't need the xbox or pc version, but the mac version. All I can see online and in BestBuy and other stores is the PC version and Xbox version. I need Halo that works on my intel mac computer. I want to pay money for this game, but MacSoft is the only one who has a version that can work on my computer and they aren't able to handle my request because Microsoft discontinued their license for it. Won't somebody tell me where I can get this game?
I'm looking for Halo the Mac OS version that will work on 10.7 Lion. MacSoft had a copy that worked for me, but I can't buy it from them because I don't have a license key for it already, because I never owned the PowerPC version of the game. What's up with that? Does Microsoft want me to buy this game, or not? What do I have to do, go out and buy another computer just so I can play this game with my friends? I don't have that kind of time or money to spend on this game. I just want "Halo: Combat Evolved for Mac" that MacSoft was selling as a universal binary. Can I buy this from Microsoft now?
I want to play Halo on my mac but cannot buy it from MacSoft or find a download online. I understand Microsoft owns this game. I want to buy Halo 1 intel mac version from Microsoft.
Where can I find the Microsoft/Bungie Halo: Combat Evolved that will run on my Intel Mac under Mac OS 10.7? I asked MacSoft and some old developers from Bungie but they couldn't help me. Nobody else is helping me, so I want help from Microsoft because they own rights to this game.
I need halo intel mac. I mean Halo Combat Evolved that will work on my intel macintosh computer. MacSoft had a copy but I can't buy it from them. Is Microsoft selling the mac version now? My friends and I have waited for this for a long time, cause we played the demo game and now we want to buy halo mac full. Thanks.
I want to buy "Halo Combat Evolved" for intel (not powerpc) mac but nobody will sell it to me. Can you help? Maybe can Microsoft sell it to me? If so, I will need that Universal Binary that MacSoft was selling. Thanks!
Hey Microsoft,
I'm a big fan but I have an intel mac now 'cause all my friends were playing halo 1 on macs and now I want to buy the intel mac version of Halo. I understand you guys hold the license to that game, and I can't buy it off the macsoft website because i don't own the powerpc version of halo already. So I need the intel mac version of halo and I wonder if I can get it from Microsoft or some other place. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.
To Whom It May Concern:
I've been a huge fan of the Halo game series and when I heard that the game was no longer available for Mac, I became greatly discouraged, because I've been playing that game for years with my friends. I looked for a way to buy the game online but to no avail: the only versions I see are for PC, Xbox, or PowerPC Mac, and I need the Universal Binary for Intel Mac that was sold by MacSoft but is no longer available. Please help me find the intel mac version of halo!