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Post by TaxiService » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:27 pm

Hello! Today i'm here to introduce you my new mod! Mudgorge!

Short description:
The map uses an enhanced Ice Fields bsp; snow and ice give way to grass and mud!
The mod contains all the standard halo weapons you're familiar with plus some some custom weapons and vehicles edited by me! (including one secret hidden weapon!)

Extensive changelog:
- The whole enviroment has been modified to look more like a lush gorge with swampy notes.
- Ice has been turned into mud. It's less slippery for vehicles and you leave footsteps on it! Cool!
- Added the autoshotgun. An 8-rounds automatic shotgun.
- Added the blowtorch. A weapon that fires a short flame capable of cutting through enemies!
- Added the pummelshot. Formerly known as Taxi's best friend, it's a two-shells shotgun with a powerful recoil! It's so powerful that [strike]it can block odors for twentyfour hours[/strike] its backward push can be used to help you jump higher!
- Added the quantum attractor/repeller gun. Gravity gun for short, this little grenade-inhibiting gizmo is able to pull objects towards you (holding the fire grenade button) and shoot a powerful jolt to shoot them starside! (using the fire weapon button) Handy! (also dangerous. Be careful with it)
- Two-seated ghosts! Ghosts can now carry a passenger! Just get a driver into one and hitch a ride in the new ‘improvised’ seat! : )
- Rocket warthogs have been replaced with Spectres! Stolen from Coagulation (probably) and edited it to my liking, these vehicles will fly you through the swamps much faster than any wheel-based vehicle! They can carry two passengers other than the driver and gunner.
- The bases are now surmounted by some chaingun turrets! Stolen from some New Bombasa version, i've edited these turrets with all my heart to make them as deadly as easy to use! You can find some in the middle too.
- The teleporters to the middle have been moved to the sides, to change the gameplay flow a little.
- New teleporters added near the bases to reach the top of the cliff in front of the base, where a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher can be found.
- Vehicles and weapons have been moved around to accomodate the changes i've made to the map.
- Flag and ball's melee damages grant an instant kill
- Flamethrower's hud has been replaced by my version of it, the one i always use in my mods.

Check out some screenshots here!

And a video here!

How to download:
- Open HeloMD
- In the Mods menu, open the Install Mods menu and choose Mudgorge
- ????
- PROFIT!!!!!

Or, if you have troubles doing that for whatever reason, download from here, and place it in your Maps folder.
How to access the Maps folder, you might ask? Well, to do that just:
[strike]- Open HaloMD
- In the Mods menu, click Reveal Mods in Finder; or just hit shift+cmd+M
- Double click on the Maps folder to open the Maps folder.[/strike]

- Drag the map file on HaloMD's goddamn icon.
and that's it!

Coming soon:
- [strike]A shitty montage of me dying in this map[/strike] DONE. check it out!!!!
- Another build that'll fix some (hopefully) last bugs and problems
- A better description for the mod maybe

Alright. See y'all around!
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Re: Mudgorge

Post by Exciel » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:52 pm

Great work mate! I'll try it out later :)
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Re: Mudgorge

Post by rEsTnPeAcEz » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:52 pm

Nice mod.

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Re: Mudgorge

Post by nil » Sat Apr 27, 2013 7:55 pm

It took you long enough =P. Those pictures are pretttyy. Love the one that is screwing over the enemy with the repel/attract gun.

We're leaving a dedicated Mudgorge server running with a custom map cycle Taxi requested. Come and join!
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Re: Mudgorge

Post by TaxiService » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:57 am

Updated OP with a video! Be sure to check it out! It's not long. Also i advise to check it out in HQ from youtube, to grasp every little detail of my frustration!

Next up: a better thread and maybe another build.

By the way thank you all! ◠‿◠
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