Someone had better fucking answer for this.

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Someone had better fucking answer for this.

Post by Kayar » Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:47 am

Well. I can't figure out where Minecraft is saving my screenshots to anymore, it seems to be fucking up and not saving them at all. Otherwise, I would have some wonderful screenshots to show you all of some glorious griefing some asshole did to my house. They stole everything, placed cobble and dirt and lava down... fuck man. I want to tear this nub's head off. There will be hell to pay when I find out who you are, if you don't confess nicely, that is.
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Re: Someone had better fucking answer for this.

Post by Excend » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:01 pm

Unless your house is the one right next to mimic testing area, and the griefing you're talking about was replacing certain blocks with diamonds blocks so I could get to safety at night, then it wasn't me.

Also, screenshots still go to the directory Library>Application Support>minecraft>screenshots... Unless you changed the location.
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What a shitty thread
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Re: Someone had better fucking answer for this.

Post by Dead Site » Sat Dec 31, 2011 7:07 pm

I'll confess on wdzwheatley's behalf.

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