Haven't done much web design in a long time...

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Haven't done much web design in a long time...

Post by Sparky » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:05 pm

...because I've been waiting for HTML 5 and CSS 3 to standardize and have full support in major browsers. It also irks me that the goals of having uniformity and web design "standards" are being handled with browser-specific development kits (webkit for Safari as an example) which mean CSS code at least would have browser-specific attribute names like --mozilla and --webkit which is nothing short of a browser-specific "hack" that we are all trying to avoid by having these design standards in the first place. One code should display one way in all browsers -- THAT is web design standards. I've complained a bit about this to Monoman when we discussed it last in my attempt to explain why I've been waiting over a year for these standards to set in place. I'm done with the IE-specific hacks and everything in the spirit of browser hacks. Your browser doesn't support the HTML 5 audio element or play .wav files in that element? Tough. Get a new browser or go to some crappy table layout web site. I CAN'T BELIEVE that people still design that shit. It shouldn't even display in a web browser if it doesn't even comply with HTML 4 Strict and proper web design principles. Time to kick out the bad programmers and make way for the head of the animal. Someone step on the tail of this cat (Apple is still into the cat theme with it's OS) and make it jump forward. I'm tired of waiting for the internet's lazy ass to blockade progress. And Apple does its own share of defining limitations with its platforms... but at least it's not "every man for himself" anymore when it comes to building a computer system like it is in the PC world.
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