Embedding Fonts allows innovative web-based Music apps

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Embedding Fonts allows innovative web-based Music apps

Post by Sparky » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:18 pm

I learned a while ago (from w3schools, which I can no longer recommend as a valuable learning resource after having read w3fools) that you can embed fonts into a web page. Then it hit me that music composition programs like Sibelius and Finale use FONT FILES to display the musical notation on the screen. This is in part why Sibelius music files (.sib format) are so small - it's basically just a small text file. That's my hypothesis anyway, since I haven't looked yet. But the point is that you can display music notation online, and therefore easily create music web applications. The implications of this are staggering for me as a musician and creative entrepreneur developing an international music network called SonataForum. (Some of you are already familiar with this web site and some here are even moderators and alpha testers there.) Basically, all those awesome tools I've been planning for that site now can be developed without using an isolated environment like Flash. They can also be made accessible. We're talking some serious innovation here. Never again will you think of part of a song and be grasping at straws trying to recall its title. You will be able to find similarities between any two or more pieces of music to check for hidden quotes or copyright infringement (ugh another one of my inventions can be abused by law enforcement woe is me). LOL John Williams we're on to you, better watch out, bub! Your Star Wars cantina band music will soon be revealed to be the third clarinet solo in that Brahms piano concerto!
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