Wibit.net My New Programming Tut Addiction

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Wibit.net My New Programming Tut Addiction

Post by Fonzeh » Thu May 09, 2013 5:05 pm

Wibit.net has tutorials from introduction to programming to c, c++, obj-c and java.

What i really like about these guys is that they're two best friends having fun while they explain programming in the simplest terms possible.
Something about these guys just makes memorizing programming points easier than ever.

figured id point you guys at this great recourse ive come across! hope this breaks barriers for you guys like it did for me.

I would honestly watch the tutorial in order. start with introduction to programming then go onto c.

since pretty much all programming languages are derived from c, its good to have that core foundation before jumping into obj-c or C++.
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Re: Wibit.net My New Programming Tut Addiction

Post by nil » Thu May 09, 2013 11:14 pm

Programming isn't about memorization, it is sort of missing the point. And I personally do not think these kinds of websites are that appealing for learning, from my perspective of already knowing how to program.

Personally my beliefs most closely resemble to this: http://programming-motherfucker.com/become.html as well as the tutorials linked from the site. As the python book says, the hard way is easier.

And it's untrue that pretty much all languages are derived from C.
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