GR1 Sniper Coop Tourney - SIGN UP !

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GR1 Sniper Coop Tourney - SIGN UP !

Post by thales100 » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:17 am

Hey, :P

Many GR1 players will take part of Sniper Team - The Longest Kill, so i would like to invite you to join too.
This sniper coop "2 men team" tourney will feature some new maps, many new rifles, sounds, characters, reticles, menus, etc ...
It will be released probably in the beginning of march ,2008, featuring ten or so great sniper missions.
The tournament is based on a sniper + spotter team concept, so you'll have only these two classes of soldiers available in MP.
Its based on a "move stealth, kill and extract" main idea.
We will set all rifle scopes to a max 10x zoom and use script to make things hard, like moving targets, etc ...
Scope mask will be small, as the binocular mask (now limited to a range finder), so sniper will actually need the spotter (and his spot scope 25x ) to find the target. Spotter's weapons will have a 2x limited zoom plus poor accuracy, worse than original GR.
TeamSpeak or equivalent comm software will be a must, obviously.
Ballistics will be set in a way itll be hard for the sniper to aim, with very light turnband settings, so any movement while aiming will cost a price.
Good accuracy to the sniper rifles just on prone position.
No sensors, no red diamonds (even vehicles wont show up in command map), no threat indicator.
New firing sounds not only to the mod's weapons but to almost all GR weps. Custom ricochet sounds will be used too. Some new models to the opfor weapons will be included.
Missions will have a touch of dirty operations, "illegal" but always "justified" action around the world to eliminate different targets and extract safely.
This is in fact a total conversion, we'll have brand new Digital Tiger Stripe HyperStealth camos for wood/urban, winter and desert envs.
Mod will be released later to public, after the end of tourney, plus a "compatibility addon" making everything playble in SP and MP.
To resume, we have great great contributors on this, like PUNiSHER , Ingeloop, Natsanwa, DTD Pro Mod Team, Bajabravo and Ayu_Taiyaki, plus me, lighspeed and some few others as the mod team.
I would like to also mention as great contributors OSO, Biro, Hammer, Cobaka, Blahb, HX5 Mod Team, bigbluesoul, Tinker, Corpse, Daimaju, DVS1, SpyHawk and Dekela, and for the complete list of credits please check the readme file of our mod when released.

Some screenshots:






Weapons list:

Sniper Rifles

OA 5.56x45mm
OA 5.56x45mm SD
MK12 5.56x45mm
MK12 5.56x45mm SD
M16 Viper 5.56mm
M16 Viper 5.56mm SD
WA2000 7.5x55mm
WA2000 7.5x55mm SD
WA2000 NV 7.5mm
WA2000 NV 7.5mm SD
HK SL9SD 7.62x37mm
M110 7.62x51mm
M110 7.62x51mm SD
HK MSG90A1 7.62mm
HK MSG90A1 7.62mm SD
HK 417 20 7.62mm
HK 417 20 7.62mm SD
AR-10 7.62x51mm
AR-10 7.62x51mm SD
MK11 7.62x51mm
MK11 7.62x51mm SD
MK14 7.62x51mm
MK14 7.62x51mm SD
APR Int SD .308 Sub
OA SASS 7.62x51mm
OA SASS 7.62x51mm SD
OA M6 .308
OA M6 .308 SD
Mini Hecate .338
Mini Hecate .338 SD
APR .338
APR .338 SD
APR NV .338
APR NV .338 SD
Cheytac .408
Cheytac .408 SD
AS50 .50
AS50 .50 SD
OM50 838mm .50
OM50 838mm .50 SD
OM50 381mm .50
OM50 381mm .50 SD
AW50 .50
AW50 .50 SD
AW50 NV .50
AW50 NV .50 SD
Hecate II .50
Hecate II .50 SD
EDM Arms .50
EDM Arms .50 SD
Barrett M107 BORS .50
Barrett M107 BORS .50 SD
Barrett M95 .50
Barrett M95 .50 SD
Barrett XM500 BORS .50
Barrett XM500 BORS .50 SD
Barrett M99 .50
Barrett M99 .50 SD

Sub Machine Guns

HK MP7 4.6x30mm SD
P90 5.7x28mm SD
HK MP5 9mm SD
HK UMP45 .45 SD


FN Five SeveN SD
HK MK23 .45 SD
Desert Eagle .357

Each sniper rifle has its own high quality customized reticle, firing sound and ballistic settings.


F-18 Strike Mod
Looking for something really innovative to Ghost Recon ? Watch this and this.

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Post by thales100 » Sun Feb 24, 2008 5:23 pm

F-18 Strike Mod
Looking for something really innovative to Ghost Recon ? Watch this and this.

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