Finally - I can host my own GR games!

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Finally - I can host my own GR games!

Post by [BIG] Ranger » Fri Feb 15, 2008 10:14 am

I finally bought a new router/modem - my venerable Thompson modem (which I have had for years) finally died.

I have had this DSL since I very first started with broadband - and it saw action playing on GameRanger on my old Mac!

The downside of it was it was a pig to set u - changes were done via a command line - so I NEVER figured out how to open ports properly to play hosted games...

My new 3Com is completely different - after 5 minutes I had opened the correct port and was hosting a Ghost Recon game on my own computer for the very first time ever!!!


Sadly - it's on a PC rather than a Mac, and it's hosting via instead of GameRanger.

But none the less this is a dream for me - being able to host my own GR games, pick the mods and map that I want - and admin the server!!!

...And the biggest surprise is that people actually joined my hosted game!

I've kept things pretty much 'Old Skool' with no mods - avoiding the temptation to bang on HX5 and D49 like the rest of the GR servers on Ubisoft....

People seemed genuinely surprised and please to see good old vanilla 'Castle' and 'Embassy' without any bells or whistles!

I am going to start running a 'Back_to_Basics' game room regularly.

Sorry - but I'm quite excited about this! :)

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Post by Monoman » Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:33 am

You should post the IP put when you are hosting. I don't really play Ghost Recon that much any more but there is a group that does.
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