10 things from Battlefield 2 I would like in GhR3!

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10 things from Battlefield 2 I would like in GhR3!

Post by [BIG] Ranger » Fri Jul 01, 2005 10:21 am

OK - played Battlefeild 2 for a week now, and I have spoted some excellent stuff which would be great as part of Ghost Recon 3 (or 4 or whatever)!

1) Teamkill punishment - oh yes, boys and girls - at last, those nasty TKers get what they deserve and are punshed by either deduction of points OR - worse case - are booted!


2) Forgive Teamkill - OK, having said the above, we have ALL TK'ed at one time or another, mostly accidentally (I hope!).

So BF2 gives you - the victim of TKing - the chance to 'forgive' the TKer, in the case where it was obviously an accident or your damn fault (...for walking right in front of your mates tank, etc)!

3) A medic!: Ah yes - to be healed in the midst of battle!

You really can't imagine how much this changes the flow of a game - gameplay is more fluid, and less sporadic (as team-mate wait to resawn).

Medicing means that assaults can be maintained - and defences are more determined. It's amazing just how much more harder you will fight when you know a medic is near-by!

4) Spawning at Squad Leader!
Oh joy - no more boring long jogs to get back into the action!

You choose a squad, and you are given squad leader orders, and whn you die (if your leader is still alive) then you re-span close by him!

It's like a force multiplier - there may only be 15 or 30 people on your side, but with local re-spawing the attacking/defending team can seem much larger. Great stuff!

5) And talking of Squad Leaders...:
terrific! You can be a lowly grunt and follow orders (and then you can blame the leader when things go wrong) OR you can assume the Squad Leader role and command a small section of troops via a pop-up command map.

Issue directives, call in supply drops, request artillary! It's great!

6) Vehicles! Oh yes, baby! Get in that APC or tank or jeep and RIDE IT!

Belive me - you will s**t your pants the first time you turn a corner near an objective only to find a dirty big tank parked there - but even better, imagine teh joy of you being IN that tank as an enemy section bumps into you...

RAAATTT-TAAAT-TAT-TAAAT-TAT! Bad guys gone! (Or even better - KA-BOOOOM!)

Vehicles change the mobility of the game (I know thats ounds obvious) - and that means faster attackes from many different directions.

7) Points system! - Now I'm not just talking about basic 'kills' here. I am talking about a superb system (thanks EA Games) that records all manner of battle stats, and then tots them up for you to give you a score...

You get points for all sorts - so if you aren't the frag-monstor you can still get on the scorevoard by carrying out all sorts of other duties.

Everyone is a winner! (..Er, except the losers!)

8) Partial kill points and assists: As mentioned above the are many ways to score points - but perhaps one of teh handiest one is a kill assist.

Say you are knocking seven bells of s**t out of a tank - it's health guage goes down and down, but just before you kill it someone else steps in and fires the last bullet and gets the kill!

Frustrating huh? Yeah - because thats the way it works in many other games (like 'Joint Operations').

But in BF2 your had work is recognized and you get a part kill.

9) More about points: - But perhaps the very best thing about teh points system in BF2 is that you can acrue points for doing other stuff aside for killing...

What to be a driver? Well you get points for that - as an 'assist' - AND you get more points if your passengers kill some enemy!

What to be a real hero? Be a MEDIC and you get points for the people you save!

10. RANKING: - Excuse me while I orgasm!

This is it boys! A real ranking system, with points, awards and ranks to be given out to reward you for all your hard work.

To give you and example: I have been playing every evening for 6 days. I have been awarded 6 basic infantry awards successfully undergoing combat in 5 different specialisms (like medic, engineer, support and assault troop). I have also accrued enough points to have me promoted from Private to Private First Class (and am about to be promoted again to Lance Corporal).

These promotions and awards in turn unlock special weaponary!

But best of all, your stats are held forever for you to drool at on the BF2 server HQ.

Impress your friends and girlfriends by showing them your medels!!


Well, there you go - the ten best things about BF2 so far!

Oh - and did I mention that the game is FRIGGING FANTASTIC!


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Post by cQuence » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:32 pm

Changed my name to cQuence... Im still Shockwav tho.

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Post by [BIG] Ranger » Sat Jan 26, 2008 3:00 am

LOL - 'Huh?' indeed!

This is a VERY old post - well before we knew about GRAW and GRAW2...

At this point I was still thinking that there might be a 'Ghost Recon 3' (nothing to do with GRAW)...

This goes with my theory that what a lot of GhR fans wanted wasn't GRAW at all but simply a graphical update of the original Ghost Recon format. GRAW is nothing less that a completely new game that changes the dynamics of the GhR format so much that it doesn't feel like you are playing the same series...

Unlike, say, the Medal of Honour or Call of Duty games, where they are all a progression of the same original format. GRAW was a quantum leap away from the original GhR.

So what I was getting at in this post was - based on my experiences in BF2 - what a battlefield based 'Ghost Recon 3' might be like.

And I will even add to that...

My *fantasy* Ghost Recon 3 would be based back in Europe (anyone else here fed up of deserts of dusty humid war zones?)...Or maybe even North Korea.

It would have teh Ghosts back in good old green forested areas of dreary Post-Soviet urban landscapes.

Politically, this is very topical - particularly as you have current events highlighting a nationalistic Russian (Call of Duty 4 explores, what I thought was, a very 'Tom Clancey' scenario of a ultra-nationalist Russian 'revolution').

So - yes, this post is a 'huh?' - but it made sense at the time!

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