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|SOG| Tactical - CoD2 [server info]

Post by Vir2L™ » Sun Jan 14, 2007 11:53 am

Location: Los Angeles, CA.
CoD2 Server IP:

TeamSpeak IP: ts44.gameservers.com:8788
TS Password: gosog

Please read our Server Rules of Engagement to get an idea for how we play.
KNOW YOUR ROLE!! - Play the part for your team.

CURRENT MAP ROTATION - New Rotation! (last update 12-3-08)
  • sd - mp_trainstation
    ehq - mp_desertville
    sd - mp_chelm
    ctf - mp_dawnville
    sd - mp_kiev
    sd - mp_railyard
    ehq - mp_carentan_ville
    sd - mp_brecourt
    sd - mp_Sweat_Blood
    hq - mp_farmhouse
    sd - mp_grassville
    sd - mp_toujane
    sd - mp_siegfriedline
    hq - mp_downtown
We run a |SOG| modified version of both Wolfsbane Realism Mod (6.9) and TacticalGamer.com Weapons Realism Mod.
Here are some of the features and the settings we have on our CoD2 server:
  • - Slower Player Speed (slowed down the player movement to a more realistic speed)
    - No Cross-hairs (makes using iron-sites a necessity)
    - No Obituaries (console will not notify you if you killed someone, you will now have to confirm it yourself)
    - Bleeding (inflicted wounds will cause you to bleed out)
    - Bandaging (you can bandage yourself by the Use Key Option, you can also give team-mates bandages)
    - Weapon Drop (hand damage will cause you to drop your weapon)
    - Give Ammo (use the Use Key Option to give ammo to another team-mate)
    - Fall damage (big falls = health reduced)
    - Random Attacking Teams on Search & Destroy and Last Team Standing
    - Added NEW Game-Types
    • -Tactical Capture the Flag
      -SOG Tactical Headquarters
      -SOG Tactical Enhanced Headquarters
Current 3rd party mods:

- SOG-14a.iwd - Tactical Gamer Weapons with some tweaks by SOG.

You can download all of the Maps and Mods we run on our server HERE.


You really like our server...... and want to donate to our server fund? Go HERE!


Need a Server? Click the link below:
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