Uniting the TR teams - Update

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Uniting the TR teams - Update

Post by TL_Smokey » Fri Jan 18, 2008 5:47 pm

Alright after my post from a few weeks ago and receiving feedback from most teams, I thought I would come back with what we have put together so far. Most teams agreed that they did not want to see TR played at the TWL and CAL's out there, which I agree. We can do this better ourselves then any of the bigger leagues, so why not do it ourselves. One of the first teams that contacted me were the guys at ETS. I talked with SixxGunz and Guido, and they told me about what they were already working on. They purchased a domain and built a pretty sweet site called www.realism1.com. They purchased league and ladder software which work great, and it has the Glicko scoring and stats which monitor all kinds of stats on players and teams. The software also has the ability to add in campaign software, if they decided to do that at a later time. Their idea was to built the site, but they didn't want to dictate league settings and rules and stuff like that. They wanted it to be run by the TR community. When I heard that, they sold me, and after all the leagues I've talked with about TR, I feel this is our best option as a community right now.

I believe Guido has already come to advertise Realism1 in your forums. The meeting tomorrow night is to get the teams together and to give everyone an opportunity to voice their views on everything from rules and how we can customize TRM for the league, to what perks we want to allow, to the maps and settings we want to start with. So if you all are thinking about joining realism1 and want to voice your opinion for season1 and the initial ladder settings, please send one person from your team to the meeting tomorrow night. If you can't make the meeting, it's OK. This is just to decide the initial setup to get things going, but the key here is that it's community run, so everything can be discussed through the current season and changes can be agreed upon, and the next season the league settings and mod will reflect the changes. The website should be live after the meeting this Saturday so if you can't make it, be sure to go and register your player accounts and get your teams signed up once it's live. The mod tools are supposed to be out this weekend, so TRM will be going public within a few days as well.

Also after talking with someone from ETO, they have decided to open a new site (don't have the URL as of yet), but they are thinking about adding in league and ladder competitions in between campaigns. We tried to get both groups to merge into one big league, but both ETO and Realism1 have put in a lot of time, money and effort into the new sites and having two leagues is better than one in my opinion. We are trying to get them together for a meeting, but I have talked with people from both sides and they have agreed to support one another. We all plan on playing in both leagues giving every TR team the ability to compete as much or as little as they would like to. Look for more information from the ETO people in the coming weeks about their new league. I will keep you posted once I hear more information about it. All and all this has been a great start at bringing us all together for some great competition. Compared to how long it took for everything to happen in COD2, within 2 months the TR community has pulled together a great mod for competitive TR play, and not one but two leagues for us to play in that will be run and supported by the TR community. I would like to thank everyone that has responded in the past few weeks, your feedback was great, and I hope that we can continue working together to build a stronger TR community.

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