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Nutzz Admin Abuse

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:33 pm
by Salty
Today, I joined ATOM's Beer Garden, the Bloodgulch server and was playing for a short while against Nutzz.

After a few minutes of gameplay he accused me of walling, which I took lightly with a "ty".He replied with " I have warned you".
So I asked if Nutzz had a sight jack, the reply being, yes.So I said go ahead and use it to prove my innocence.
He said it wasn't necessary because I was "obv" walling. He then banned me from the server.

Fact is, I wasn't walling, so I have just been unjustly banned.
Not only that, but when I got a friend to ask him to come to MD chat, so we could talk, he refused.

At the very least, can I get unbanned please.