Weird glitch

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Weird glitch

Post by sashalex » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:39 am

Firstly, thanks so much to those who created and maintain guys are rockstars.

I have this weird glitch, and I'm wondering if anyone here can help me resolve it. Whenever I MOVE in the game (forwards, backwards, sideways), I get this persistent stutter...kind of like lag but its more consistent. When I'm still, theres no stutter whatsoever, I can look around the map smoothly, and vehicles and other players move smoothly as well.

I know its not network lag, because Its present in servers where I ping 30ms stable. Its also not related to other players because the stutter persists in empty servers as well. Its not my graphics settings because in campaign maps the stutter is non-existent and same with direct-ip games that I create.

Any ideas?

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