[WIP] Game-type Editor

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[WIP] Game-type Editor

Post by nil » Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:50 am


I'm working on a game-type creator and editor for the demo. I titled this as WIP, but actually I think it's pretty complete. I just need a PPC machine to test this on (or perhaps I can load rosetta), and I need to grab a couple of icons, and I need to look at a strange behavior sort of thing.

It requires 10.5 or later. Full version game-type files will not work. For whatever stupid reason, the byte ordering in the file is all reversed from the demo files.

If anyone could try a simple test like creating a game-type and try to see if playing it works, that'd be cool.

[edit]: re-uploaded file as I believe a crash-bug has been squashed.
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