Assault And Defense Mod

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Assault And Defense Mod

Post by Trinity. » Tue Feb 27, 2007 7:33 am

Hey guys I decided I got really bored, while I'm grounded for bad grades, and decided to make myself a mod.

I'm going to be making a "fort-type" building on Blue side (Assault) which is connected to the blue base and a pretty large building on red side on the hill up behind the base (Defense) out of logs.

I could possibly recieve some help with importing those "opening" doors that were in Deox's mod, for the defenseve base and for teleporters on the Assault side to get up onto the platform where the two Banshees lay.

Defense gets no vehicles except for two machine-gun turrets on, maybe, the top of their base, and 2 more machine-gun turrets on the outsides.

The Assault side will spawn, having Assault Rifles, Snipers, and lots of grenades, (I might increase the grenade capacity) and then Defense will spawn, having Rockets, Pistols, Flamethrowers, and Shotguns.

I will also give Assault some Warthogs, but I'll be placing logs on the ground in front of the Defensive base so that they crash into them and cannot drive over the little wall-like logs and drive into their base.

I'll probably edit some of the bitmaps as well.

I'll probably also, try and learn from, hopefully, the rest of the Dev. team in how to edit the lighting of the map.

I'll be putting like lamps around the map as a guild for light.

I think I might also give Assault a Scorpian, probably Defense.

I have a problem with the logs though, in that I replaced all the scenery with logs and I'm using those to make the forts on each base, but I need more logs...

How do I inject more logs into the map?

Also some trees.

Is there a way to edit spawn points for players, by the way, like where the players start at the beginning of the game?

And this map is going to be a CTF styled game so I'm going to need help in moving the red flag up in the fort behind the red base and taking out the blue flag.

I also need help adjusting the map's light fixtures, hopefully Syp could tell me.

Pictures coming soon.
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