Infinite Bullets but need to reload.

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Infinite Bullets but need to reload.

Post by Nuthead_ » Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:31 am

okay, awhile ago sumone asked me: "How do I make infinite bullets but still have to reload?".

So the question is, How do i do it?

pls help me.

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Re: Infinite Bullets but need to reload.

Post by Pielogist » Sat Jan 08, 2011 3:52 am

you'll have to clarify a little...
The point of having infinite bullets is not to reload

But anyways, i think this is what you mean: to carry infinite bullets around, but only a limited amount of ammo in your weapon

In that case, just go to the weapon tag, starter plugin or whatever you like, meta editor and stuff, and reflexives or whatever then triggers or something and floats if i remember correctly. and look at the ammo amount, there should be one that says 'ammo in clip' or something, then another that says 'ammo reloaded' or something like that. and i think it's 'rounds' not 'ammo'. anyways, find the one that says 'starting ammo' or like 'rounds carried' or like something. Just use mess around there, and you should get it. Don't forget to bring some common sense, and that's it.

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Re: Infinite Bullets but need to reload.

Post by Exciel » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:46 am

Actually thats pretty easy.
For Eschaton 0.6 down:
1.Go to the weap tag and select your weapon.
2. In the menu on the right Select 'Clip' and open the 'Short integers' sub-menu.
3. Select 'Starting ammo' and make it some high number and press enter.
4. Go back and select 'Maximum ammo' and make it either the same or slightly higher than 'Starting ammo'.

For Eschaton 0.7 and up:
1. Same as 0.6
2. In the menu to the right open the 'Reflexives' then 'Magazines', 'Magazines 1' then 'Int16s'
3. Change 'Rounds total initial' to some high number and press enter.
4. Go back and change 'Rounds total maximum' to either the same or a higher number than 'rounds total initial'

*Note that this doesn't actually give 'Infinite Ammo' but just makes it really high so that theres not much chance of the person running out.
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