[TUTORIAL] How to make a paintball gun (for noobs)

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[TUTORIAL] How to make a paintball gun (for noobs)

Post by Dudedragon » Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:39 am

Before I start, I am going to tell you that I made this for the inexperienced people here who do not know how to do this, so please do not post saying "EVERYONE HERE KNOWS HOW TO DO THIS!"

Programs you will need: Eschaton (versions 7.2 and up will work)

1. Open up bloodgulch.map in Eschaton

2. scroll down to the Proj folder and open it.

3. inside is all of the projectiles that the weapons shoot. Choose a projectile for a weapon. For example, the plasma rifle bolt.

4. go to dependency swapper. You will see that there is effects for when It hits certain things. Like a bullet hole for when it hits metal, etc.

5. click and drag so you highlight all of the effects tags. Switch it to "blood AEO human"

6. now try opening the halo demo and shooting your plasma rifle (or whatever guns projectile you changed) onto a wall. A splatter of blood (thus the paint) should show up.

7. Now all you have to do is change the bitmaps of the bullet to look like a paintball.
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Re: [TUTORIAL] How to make a paintball gun (for noobs)

Post by Rofldonutburger » Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:54 pm

You should import the grunt/elite blood from B30, and then swap that with the human blood. IMO it looks better.
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