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Download Fonzie's Orginal Music for free.

Post by Fonzeh » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:06 am

Hi, ive gotten really into music lately. Like... extremely.

Like, I love my daughter and I love my music.


Shit makes me stay positive and gives me goosebumps.

All music is extremely experimental and is in no way the final product.

Seriously i change things constantly as i improve.

I go as Pyrotechnic. Included are my friends who I produce for, Jay Frost, Slim Dunkin Donuts and Y.F.A.

All beats except Y.F.A's Mixtape and The Epic Mixtape (T.E.M) I made and Produced.
Y.F.A bought his instrumentals and T.E.M is just randomly downloaded beats.

Every other beat (DizzPy, Pyrotechnic-OutofMind, Jay Frost)

Are beats that I or my friend Dizz Dot and I created using Logic Pro X out of Midi Composition.

I produced, edited and Mastered every song.

Pyrotechnic Out of Mind's Forever Waiting shows how some of my songs im leaving messages for myself. To do better and not make the same mistakes I've made before. A lot of the songs convey emotions. A lot of my newer music I've been trying to instill a more positive Feel. Some of my latest work is Pyro & Palls - Dedicated. The instrumental was composed completely and only by me, and it shows how much im getting into the sound field, let alone the type of instrumental I love to make. Mechanized Dreams is another one of my Favorite Instrumentals along with Gemini 4.

These really show my skill at making instrumentals.

Pyrotechnic's Loosened Up, Burning in the Flames, and Medication I feel truly show my ability as a "Rapper."

I like calling my verbal music Melodic Poetry, because that's what it is to me.

The DizzPy Project is me and Dizz Dot

Dizz Dot & Pyrotechnic.
Dizz Py

DizzPy = Artist Name.

DizzPy started as music that was based off Emotions and Feelings based on what happens during the music making Process. About how we feel when we make the music.

Examples of this are Amazing, Create it Rewrite it. Harbringer(Custom word based off Harbinger. yes I named it, Yes i learned the word from Altimit.)

Harbringer I consider one of my greatest. Took 2 years for me to say i was finished with it.

DizzPy started to stray due to Dizz Dots want to conform to the lesser intelligent, and some other songs portray this change. However some songs worked out in being good.

DizzPy's Get Fucked Up obviously isnt talking about emotions in music anymore, but regardless Me and Dizz Dot, I feel, show meticulous and well planned flows and delivery.

I am ridiculously impressed and very happy with DizzPy's Lyrical talent and Overall Flow.

Jay Frost Freestyles every song he is in. And no I'm not lying, he writes nothing. I have no idea how he does it dude.

Every single one of Jay Frosts Songs are freestyled.

Anyway, this is the 99 songs out of all that I like the best out of all the music ive been making. Features songs 5 years old to only a month old.

Even if im not on the song per say, lets just say not a single one of these songs would exist if it wasnt for me, let alone sound as good as they do.

From earliest work to latest...

Pyrotechnic - T.E.M - Best Songs - Snitches(About me getting snitched on when i was growing) - Babeh (Smoking Song)

Whole albums the before and after I got raided for growing, shows my anger, and also how I try to forget about it. Whole mixtapes pretty solid for my first ever attempt at really making music. Instrumentals are downloaded randomly off soundclick.

DizzPy - Started just to End - Best songs - Harbringer, Quiet, Get Fucked Up, Create it Rewrite it, Chill Out. This Album spans two years.

Met my friend Dizz Dot and thus was born my second attempt at taking music seriously. I talk about me recovering from my domestic violence against my ex fiance tammi and trying my best to be the best person and father I can be while fighting with my demons and not believing in myself due to what I've done in the past. At one time during the making of the album, Tammi was unkowingly dating my pedophile half brother. So some high octane emotions were dispersed. I think i sound calmer and more mature than I did in T.E.M. I also tried to cuss and talk about drugs less. Dizz dot talks about money, drugs and having sex with girls....

Around the beginning of this album I produced P.O.W's Project Image. Kids are Dope.

First songs - Writing all Night, Everlasting
Last Songs

DizzPy Presents : Jay Frost

A Mixtape I co produced all beats made by me and Dizz Dot. Jay Frost has tendencies where he turns into his alter ego Frosty. Frost was raised blood gang in columbus ohio. He moved down to me to try and get away from the constant killing. His song blood goes more into the topic and shows his pride for the group thats always been there for him and his general fearlessness. Random songs about murder and stuff. Frozen is about his old show coordinaters cutting off his music and actually hosting a "Crip" show. Then cut his blood song off in the middle of it. It also shows off his speed. He freestyles everything, I cant get the cocksucker to write.

Pyrotechnic - Out of Mind - Best Songs - Forever Waiting, Medication, Loosened Up, Shimmer Cover(made this last week)

Me getting over past relationships and realizing I cant be with all my friends and family at once. I feel as if my friends and family dont see me often, they decay socially and do less good than they normally do. And also in forever waiting i mention my success at getting my daughter away from a pedophile and battling the situation entirely. I also talk about continueing to better myself regardless of pitfalls.

I also do a few covers for the hell of it.

DizzPy Club Tape

Yeah is my favorite on that one.


Me and Jay Frost in some experimental music of ours. Experiment 61 is about a perfected human being that wants to help others but realizes others create their own bullshit infinitely so he realizes its pointless so he sits and thinks.

Mechanized Dreams is essentially a Diss song to Lil Wayne, Recorded while Jay Frost was 3 hits deep on Acid. Fun Stuff.

I threw in a few of my instrumentals, my friends Y.F.A's mixtape he asked me to produce and took me down to miami to perform addiction. that was epic

My most recent music is Dedicated, Autumn, Shimmer Cover, Gemini 4, Mechanized Dreams, Frozen.

My favorites are Forever Waiting, Gemini 4, Chill Out (My Verse), Harbringer, Mechanized Dreams, Create It Rewrite It, Shimmer Cover, Dedicated, Frozen, Dont tell me what to do, Quiet, Get Fucked Up, Chill Out, Amazing.

I have a lot of learning and growing as someone who makes music to do. And I would love any feedback and ideas. Love you all, your the only people who have this link besides my girl.

So yeah this site is that special.

Enjoy and spread the word!

Enjoy guys, put a lot of effort into this music.
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Re: Download Fonzie's Orginal Music for free.

Post by nil » Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:42 pm

Pretty cool! I'll take a listen through on soundcloud.
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Re: Download Fonzie's Orginal Music for free.

Post by Fonzeh » Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:31 pm

I apologize for how bad it is.
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