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Post by halonerd147 » Tue Sep 02, 2008 2:12 pm

Any Requests of an aircraft or modification of one? Post them here. Also, I'm not good at replicationg aircraft, so don't ask for a B-17 or anything; ask "I would want a spacecraft that can fly easily in space and earth" or something like that, i don't know how to put it. I'm mainly good at building aircraft and not helicopters. For paint jobs i warn you, i am not good at making a paint job for an aircraft out of nothing, i will probably modify an existing one and make it look nice and fit on the requested aircraft. The paint job is nice, its not gonna be crummy, i'm not sloppy with it (My new mouse will help greatly). I have X-plane 8 and 9 so versions aren't a worry. Give me a day or two, it might take only a few hours. Well, thats it, but in your request i will need the following things:

[a brief description of the request, some ground info you want me to know about what you want, any length. Also other basic things.]

Aircraft type: (Cessna-ish, Ultralight, Airliner, etc.)
Speed: how fast do you want it to go (ballpark, e.g. fast, slow, 200-300)
Engine: (rocket, turboprop)
Engines: How many engines
Chute: Chute or no chute
Paint: Basic: Colors, windows, you get the point.
Basic Shape: (e.g. "rounded nose with a slender body" Also you can say "a cessna 172's nose but a Beechcraft Bonanza's body" or other aircraft.
Wings+Tail: Wing shape, length(Ballpark again), Tail shape(e.g. V tail or normal tail)
Special Requests: Any special things you want,
Cockpit: Custom or not and what type(glider, fighter, etc.)(also, i don't do 3D)

Im pretty good with custom cockpits, no expert or anything with them. Also, tell me if i left anything out.

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Re: Requests

Post by Ayumi » Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:05 pm

Aircraft Type: B777-200 Speed Bird (Heavy Metal)
Speed: No change.
Engine: No change.
Engines: Maybe an extra just under the tail.
Chute: Big chute.
Paint: Basic: Flames? x3
Basic Shape: Greyhound. Just a big box. Screw aerodynamics XD
Wings+Tail: Slightly longer wings (maybe 30 units), no tail change
Special Requests: None :3
Cockpit: No change.

Does that sound okay? ^-^


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Re: Requests

Post by Mike1122 » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:38 pm is ocming out with a really good 777 with wing flex etc.

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Re: Requests

Post by Noodle » Fri Jan 16, 2009 6:28 am

o.0 Neko has x-plane?

Also, I believe that halonerd has been wiped quite throughly off the face of the earth... >.<

So much for that paywere CF-18 i was doing...

im pretty much dead on here so connect with me if you're still here

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