MAG™ anyone?

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MAG™ anyone?

Post by Dead Site » Sun May 22, 2011 10:23 am

From my post at Blackpulse:
Top line: Anyone have "MAG (Massive Action Game)"?


It's a modern-style first-person shooter(why anything else?) for the PS3 where there are 3 factions, all human, or "PMCs" called: S.V.E.R.(Seryi Volk Executive Response - Pronounced Sever not Essver, orange theme), Raven [Industries](blue/purple theme), and Valor [Company](green theme). If anything, I chose Valor, but [move]then there is this DLC Starter Pack which gives you all the other DLC including 30 days of 2 extra characters slots so I got an S.V.E.R. and Raven character anyway. I also recommend getting the starter pack because it costs a bit more than the two extra map packs, about $16CAD tax included, but it's worth about $30.[/move]

It has the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition Record for something like most players in online first person shooter--once you get to level 8 you unlock Domination the only 256-player battle: PMC versus PMC. Each game mode has 3 maps related to each PMC to play on, including the maps for DLC. One of the DLC gametypes has PMCvPMCvPMC--a..three way...battle. :-\

How the game works:

1. You have the character selection screen. A 3D preview of the characters are shown.
2. You have the _____(PMC) network menu. Character shown again. There is parts like community for clans(req. level 5), friends, groups etc., then deploy(TEH AXESHUN!!1!!one!!! You can deploy solo, with groups, clans, on any map), barracks and armory(or something, one or the other is equip your items and save your presets, one is buy them. Pointless, no-function items for your character can also be bought like shades, helmets and camouflage). And of course a credits and options menu.
3. DEPLOY!: You assign yourself to a queue from the network menu and then you have options to apply for leadership (squad, platoon, and company leader) once you unlock the option at different levels. You wait until enough people are available and then the lobby commences.
4. Lobby and Game: Shows platoon, company and squad display, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta squad in each platoon, then 4 platoons in a company as far as I'm sure. There is no text chat, just voice in the lobby and in-game. For people without mics or if you are shy, you can press the right directional button on the controller to pick through things to say(such as "MEDICCCC!" or "Need backup!"(like radio commands in CS:S). It proceeds as a basic first person shooter: shoot to kill. There are also objectives and what not. You earn experience, level up, get ranks, get trophies, and have fun.

1. Objectives: Some maps require objectives to be captured once or held, or something blown up. Repair kits are sometimes vital for this as you can bring a blown up objective(such as an "anti-air battery) back into action on your team. Let's just say it involves a lot of hacking and charges. (Almost like "demolition" Counter-Strike: Source maps, except EVERYONE can set the bomb.
2. Skill tree: Each time you level up, you get one skill point!!!11!!eleven!! There are different categories you can use these on, such as improved accuracy or barrel wander with certain classes of weapons, i.e. Marksman; Medical: improved healing using First Aid or Medical Kits, more max HP, the ability to heal teammates, etc.; Vehicles: the ability to see the radar while aiming in a turret etc.; Athleticism: Base running speed, less speed of tiring out after sprinting, etc.; and there are also things like "repair faster" or "place charges etc. faster".
3. Suppression: This gametype isn't really ranked, but it's the basics: PMCvPMC, you have 20:00 minutes to kill as many people as you can.
4. Basic kill, repair, teamheal, revive or objective: +5xp
5. FRAGO bonus: Squad leaders and up can order their teammates to focus on a certain target or objective, such as killing a certain person or going to a specific objective and then completing it. You gain double XP.
6. Team kill: -5xp; all maps and gametypes have teamkill; FRAGO bonus does not apply
7. Suicide penalties: looking like an idiot(nothing else)

Anything else you want to know? :D

Anyway, if you have it, please comment with PSN, main PMC, level and job etc.

I am:

Level 16, Field Support
Valor Company/Squad Leader
Clan: Pixel Chickens [PXC]: Founder Leader

(Nothing off Wikipedia, trust me, I'm devoted for someone who's only had the game a month I suppose)

Again there is no single player but the training mission, like CS:S.
"Kevin Butler" MAG commercial
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Re: MAG™ anyone?

Post by Mota-Lev » Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:42 pm

I maybe get this game once i get my ps3 back from my bro Been meaning to buy it for a while now :/.


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