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The Assassin

The newly remade video, Adventures in Sharebearland - The Assassin, is now up for streaming and as a Flash video.



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New Trailer

The Jester Brothers have released a new trailer of their upcoming series, Max Payne.

Max Payne - The Series Trailer

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Flash Videos

A new feature to go along with the streaming videos is flash videos. All videos that have been streamed will be converted to flash videos. As time goes by the streaming videos section will only include the most recent videos while the flash videos section will act as an archive for all of the videos. Here is a list of the currently available flash videos:

AISBL Episode One Pilot

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New Video

Here is a new video from the Jester Brothers.

JB Machinima Introduction

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Redirect Working

All of the old links on MGM are now redirected correctly to the old setup. This will allow any download links to be redirected to the correct file instead of a not found page.

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New Video Streaming

A new video is up from the Saber-Cow Ink. The video is a trailer for their upcoming video called Hunted.


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Streaming Video

A new feature has been added, streaming video. Users can now submit their videos in the forum or sending a PM to me to have their videos streamed. The videos can be video tutorials, game footage, machinimas, or anything else in video form. Further details will be released at a later time. To kick off the streaming will be nine machinima videos created by the Jester Brothers. The links to the videos will appear when you click to read the full story. When you click on the links the videos will open your QuickTime Player and begin playing.

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Site Move Successful

The site has successfully been moved to a new server. Report any problems you find with the site in the forum. I will slowly start transferring the various downloads over to this new system. For those looking for any of the mods you can still download them by clicking on the link below. Many new features will be announced soon to go along with this move.

Mod Downloads

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